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Stronghold corporation ,Vadodara is engaged in providing premium products and services.
Stronghold corporation Services represent Anest Iwata Corporation – specialized in design and manufacturing of Air Compressors,Painting Systems,Painting Equipment,Vaccum Pumps & Associated Products.....


Compressor Model O-GA15 FF 7.5 TM

“Brand New Atlas copco make air cooled, rotary screw compressor, tank mounted with integrated refrigerant dryer fitted with 15 kw motor capable to deliver 91.1 cfm @ 7.5 bar . .....
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Latest News

Currently dryer repaired by us.
Feb. 2018
1) Atlas Copco, Refrigerant Air Dryer
FX 3 Repaired

2) ANNAIR, Refrigerated Air Dryer 15 cfm

3)GEM,Coimbatore, Refrigerant Air Dryer
March 2018
1) Air Dryer make , 40 cfm Refrigerant
Air Dryer

2) Atlas Copco repaired integrated Refrigerant
Air dryer
Air Dryer under repair
1) UNIQUE AIR , 200 cfm Refrigerant

Our services are available on-site and off-site.

“We can handle all makes and models – Refrigerant air dryers, Heatless air dryers,Chillers,Panel Coolers etc...

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