AMC for Compressors

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Reliable Air Compressor Services.
Anytime, any product, anywhere ... Servicing your machines regularly is very important to ensure reliable operation and a long service life. By following the recommended service intervals and regularly performing preventive maintenance..”
- General overhauling of screw air compressors.
- We are your specialist for overhauling oil-injected screw compressor / reciprocating compressors. Such overhauls.
- We carry out according to the specifications of the respective manufacturer of the compressor.
- The reconditioning of air ends is only carried out by qualified service technicians with many years of experience in our own workshop.
- We the qualified technician on hand we are providing quality and better services to our valued clients.
- We also take Annual Maintenance contract for air compressors.
- We are also in to a business of providing spares and services for Atlas Copco Make air compressor.