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the world ’s most advanced creasing make - ready system.
FC & T Matrix manufactures creasing matrix, a consumable product which is an integral part of the manufacture of cardboard boxes, cards, point of sale material and the like. A creasing matrix enables folds to be made in cardboard and facilitates accurate high quality creasing prior to folding, enabling cardboard to be creased automatically by high speed box making and printing machines.

C&T Matrix is one of two leading manufacturers in the world and offers over 3,000 size variation of creasing matrix with a comprehensive range of allied products. A wide variety of matrix dimensions (channel depth and width) are required to accommodate different cardboard and paper sizes. It is critical that all the component parts of the matrix are precision engineered to tight dimensional tolerances to ensure smooth running of the box-making machinery.

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A creasing matrix is a consumable plastic strip which is used in the manufacture of cardboard boxes and packaging. The creasing matrix enables the cardboard to be accurately and automatically creased at high speed, allowing it to be subsequently folded and formed into the desired box. The dimensions of the matrix differ to accommodate varying board and paper thicknesses. There are four components to a creasing matrix, which are automatically assembled together: A locator (extruded EVA) Curved profile shoulders - the matrix (extruded PVC or pressed paper) Micro-thin polyester base film Self-adhesive tape The constituent parts require precision engineering to ensure smooth running of the box making equipment. C&T manufactures approximately 3,000 size variations producing one million metres of product per month.

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Creasing Matrix

    Creasing Matrix
    Kiss crease is the optimum balance between cost and quality. Kiss has precision engineered plastic shoulders on a micro thin polyester film base with a perfectly registered locator. Decades of continuous development and experience have lead to efficient manufacture to the highest standards giving this optimum cost and quality balance.
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