Aquaguard REVIVA 50 Lph Storage



Aquaguard REVIVA 50 Lph Storage

Aquaguard REVIVA 50 Lph Storage.Institutional reverse osmosis water purification system.Revive the original taste and purity of water. No matter what the source.An advanced water purifier with a 6 stage purification process.Is equipped with an RO Membrane that has 0. 0001 micron pore-size. This prevents the passage of micro-organisms and total dissolved salts and makes water lighter, taste natural and safe to drink. It makes the water both chemically and micro-biologically potable by reducing hardness, TDS, heavy metal contaminants like arsenic, lead, mercury and by removing pathogenic micro-organisms. Its unique 6 stage purification process revives the original taste of water and reduces pesticides in the water.

Technical Specification : 

DIMENSIONS MM (WXDXH) 460 x 250 x 1450 in mm (W x D x H)
CAPACITY Reservoir Capacity 50 Litres, Water Storage Tank Capacity 50 Litres, Storage Tank Material Food Grade Plastic, Production Capacity 50 LPH
PURIFIER No of Stages for Filter cum Purifier 6, Filtration stages /cartridge Particulate Filter Membrane Life Enhancer Filter->Sediment Filter-> Pre Carbon Filter-> RO Membrane Filter-> Post Carbon Filter
CONTROLS RO Membrane Flushing Auto Flush @ Every Start, Every Stop and Every One Hour of Working -for 1 minute, RO Membrane (Thin Film Composite) 80 GPD x 4 Nos.
INPUT WATER % of Recovery of Purified Water 0.25, % of Reduction in TDS 90% (Approx.), Input Water Turbidity < 5 NTU (Max.), Input Water Conditions TDS < 2000ppm, Fe < 0.3ppm, Hardness < 500ppm, pH 6.5 to 8.5, free Chlorine < 0.2ppm, Input power rating 75 W 230 V AC,
INSTALLATION TYPE Wall Mount / Table Top

Other product : RO 100 LPH UNIVERSA . The Smart Water Purifier : Specially designed for Commercial and Industrial drinking water requirements. Equipped with Universal, RO and UV technologies.

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