High Pressure Washer COLD WATER


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High Pressure Washer COLD WATER

Model : MLC -CD -1915 PT

High Pressure Washer COLD WATER IP Cleaning high-pressure washers have been developed with the aim of removing stubborn dirt under tough working conditions. Efficient cleaning results are achieved using high flow rates and high pressure.

Where gentle treatment or powerful cleaning – IP Cleaning high-pressure cleaners offer the perfect solution for every cleaning your task. Where previously dirt dominated, now there is nothing but cleanliness. IP Cleaning adds value to your environment and gives back value. Old becomes new, shabby becomes chic. Passionate engineering, the highest quality requirements and decades of experience in the development of innovative high-pressure cleaners make this possible.

Model IPC MLC -CD -1915 PT
Remote Control Total stop D
Pressure 30-190
Flow Rate ( l/h) 900
Voltage (Ph-V-Hz) 3-400-50
Absorbed Power ( kw) 5.1
Detergent tank (liters) 7.5
Weight (kg) 49
Dimensions ( cm) 60x48x32
Hose(M) 12
Electric Cable(M)

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