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Industrial High Pressure Washer

PW H 50

Stronghold Corporation supplies hot water Industrial high pressure washer for hospitality management company.

The PW-H50 is a high-performance and dependable hot water Industrial high pressure washer  that guarantees outstanding results, even in the most challenging cleaning tasks. With a delivery capacity of up to 1000 l/h and 200 bar pressure, this machine ensures exceptional cleaning power.

What sets the PW-H50 apart is IPC’s exclusive boiler, which provides the best heating capacity under any working conditions. Whether you’re tackling tough grease or stubborn dirt, this hot water power washer delivers exceptional performance.

hot water high pressure washer for hospitality management company.

PW-H50 features :

Additionally, the PW-H50 features a new design that significantly reduces maintenance costs. This means you can enjoy the benefits of a powerful and reliable machine without worrying about excessive maintenance expenses.

Versatile and efficient,it’s robust capabilities also make it suitable for cleaning hard floors and surfaces. No matter the task at hand, the PW-H50 is designed to deliver top-notch results.

Choose the PW-H50 for your cleaning needs and experience the reliability, power, and efficiency it offers.

Exclusive characteristics:

DELAYED TOTAL STOP (DTS) – A feature that causes a delay in completely stopping a system or equipment.

INTELLIGENT AUTOMATIC SWITCH OFF (IASF) – A smart and automatic mechanism that shuts off a device or system.

MICRO LEAKAGE CONTROL (MLC) – A system or component designed to monitor and control small leaks.

DRY RUNNING PROTECTION (DRP) – A safeguard that protects a system or equipment from damage caused by operating without proper lubrication or fluid.

NOZZLE CLOGGED CONTROL (NCC) – A control system that detects and addresses blockages or obstructions in nozzles.

BOILER IGNITION DELAY (IBD) – A delay mechanism that regulates the ignition process in a boiler.

WORKING HOURS COUNTER (WHC) – A device or feature that keeps track of the total operating time of a system or equipment.

IPC TEMPERATURE STABILIZER (ATC) – A stabilizing unit that maintains a consistent temperature in an IPC (Industrial Personal Computer).

LIMESCALE/CORROSION PROTECTION UNIT (LCPU) – A protective unit that prevents limescale buildup and corrosion in a system or equipment.

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