LED Lighting
The right kind of lights can make all the difference in your commercial space. Perfectly illuminating the space and minimizing electricity consumption are the two requirements that must be met. Crompton’s range of LED lights addresses both these requirements. Our products include also LED lights for home and are available online as well as offline.

We offer *CROMPTON* make  – Commercial, Moonlite, Recessed Panel round, Recessed,Panel Square, Surface Round, Surface Panel, Downlighter Round, Downlighter Square, LED Tube, LED Fitting, Recessed bottom opening (1X1), Recessed bottom opening 2×2, Recessed Bottom 1X4, Recessed bottom opening 1X2, Recessed top opening (1X1), Recessed top opening LED clean room Luminaire 2×2, Highbay, Wellglass, LED Tube Fitting, LED Industrial Batten, Bulkhead, Canopy Light, Flameproof, Street Lighting, Floodlight, Post Stop, Bollard, Step Light