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Car and Bike Washer

Batali High Pressure Washer-HPW1000

We offer a variety of premium blended Car and Bike washer. BTALI Electric Motor High Pressure  Washer in Vadodara. Car and bike washer goes up to 130bar.

We aslo supply High Pressure Washer  of other brand like IP Cleaning for all type of vehicles, Hard surface. Steam Generator for Hospital ICU, all type of vehicals and Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Car and Bike washer

BTALI Electric Motor High Pressure Home and Car Washer Pressure Washer Pressure Washer

  • Hose length: 9 m
  • Water Flow Rate: 600 L/h
  • Motor Power 1600 W
  • Portable
  • Maximum Pressure: 130 Bar

Kennex High Pressure Washer

Offering Kennex Pressure Washer 130 Bar, For Cleaning Vehicles, Electric at Rs 7500/piece in Vadodara, Gujarat. Read about company.

Technical Specification :
Material : Mild Steel
Brand : Kennex
Wattanty : 6 months
Usage/Application : Cleaning Vehicals
Pressure : 130bar
Power : Electric
Phase : Single
Motor Voltage : 240V
Frequency : 50Hz
Is it Portable : YES

AR Blue Clean

  • Lightweight high pressure washer with a compact design: easy to move and takes up very little space when stored.
  • Accessories that are always organised and ready to use thanks to the special housings built into the back of AR 117
  • Quick Connection System: the high pressure hose can be connected to the high pressure washer and to the trigger gun with 1 click.
  • Inspectable water intake filter, essential for protecting the pump from impurities

    Technical specifications :
    Max. Pressure : 110bar
    Max. Flow l/h : 390
    Power : 1.3 kw

High Pressure Washer