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High Pressure Air Compressor

High Pressure Air Compressor

High Pressure Air Compressor take ambient air through several stages of compression in order to supply a consistent pressure of produce a pressure greater than 1000psi. The air is cooled as it moves through each stage in order to compress as much as possible.

Air Cooled Reciprocating High Pressure Compressors.
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High Pressure Air Compressor

World’s best High Pressure Compressor

Major Applications are PET blowing,Engine starting ,Shipyards,Copper tube testing,Valve testing,Laser Cutting,Air brake testing and many more…

Technical Advantages :
Low life cycle cost
Dynamically balanced design
Longer life and lesser cost of spare parts
Superior quality and more value for money
Ideal for heavy and continuous duty applications
Portable and compact design for easy Installation
Higher FAD resulting savings in power consumption
Low noise and vibration levels, cutting down on noise pollution
Revolutionary design of inter-cooler and after cooler ensuring less
maintenance and longer life of internal parts

Vertical tanks are also available from 500 to 5000 liters
All performance parameters are as per JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards)
Also available in Base Mount Air Compressor.

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