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Steam Generator

Steam Generator - A wide Range of Steam cleaning your car​

Powerful and naturally effective solution with Steamy.

Use of Steam Generator, Clean up dirt within the paint without damage your car. Choosing steam is an excellent choice. the steam dissolves the dirt and other pollutants that are present on the surface.Use Steamy machine for deep cleaning.


Steam Generator

Steamer is a Exclusive technology for deep natural cleaning.

Powerful steam generator with vacuum cleaner, designed for cleaning large industrial and public environments. It is ideal for the total sanitizing and  the machine is equipped with a powerful more than 1400 W wet & dry vacuum cleaner .

Model SG20

Key features

  • Anti Bugs system
  • Power suction system: wet an dry with water filtering system
  • Water tank: integrated in the boiler

Technical Specification :

Model -SG20
Boiler Volume -2.7 ltr
Working Pressure -5 / 0.5
Steam Temperature -140 deg
Steam Volume gm/min -80
Power -3000w
Tank capacity Ltr -7 ltr
Dimensions (LxWxH) -45x29x47
Weight -12 kg

Stram Generator
We aslo supply High Pressure Washer for all type of vehicals, Hard surface. Steam Generator for Hospital ICU, all type of vehicals and Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner