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HIGH MAST & Poles – Crompton make. CG Lighting offers a wide variety of Hot Dip Galvanised Octagonal poles with a sturdy base plate.

High Mast – lighting as a concept in area lighting is being preferred over conventional lighting especially where large areas are to be illuminated without the need for numerous lighting columns. High Mast lighting is ideal for industrial and commercial areas, docks, airports, stations, car parks and hazardous areas.

Optagonal Poles :
Octagonal Poles are available from 3 mtrs to 12 mtrs height. Street light poles can have single arm as well as double arm brackets. Poles are hot dip galvanized.

High Mast & Poles

Apart from Highmast & Poles, you can contact us for wide range of LED products which include indoor commercial Lighting,Batten & LED Lamps, Cleanroom Lighting, Industrial Lighting, Street Lighting, Flood Lighting, Landscape Lighting, Solar Street Lighting & Flameproof Lighting.